I'm At Camp! Pt. 1 - Purple Hair!!!!

and we are lovin' it!
 last weekend, using Splat hair color, Lusty Lavender, we dun did dyed our hurs! haha It was so much fun and it turned out electric and totally awesome!

Emma and I have been wanting to dye our hair for a really long time. She has had her hair died multicolored and many colors many times before, but this was the first time I added a real powerful color like purple. By powerful I mean, not a natural hair color, like blonde or brown etc, etc......
 Wowie Kazowie!!!
That's Emma's hair bleached!!
 And that's Emma's hair colored :)

here are some photos of our finished products ;) 
Keep in mind they are a lot brighter and essentially better looking in natural in person no hard sunlight, light.
I'm not sure how long it will last, but hopefully the entire time I am at camp! (That's where I am now, by the time you are reading this ;)  )


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