DIY Magazine Packing Tape Transfer!

 Hey everyone!
I know, It's been absolutely forever since I've done a DIY post... and I love them so much! But let's be real here for a moment, DIYs can actually be pretty expensive and take up a lot of time. That is why I LOVE easy/cheap DIYs that make equally as fun and pretty things!

On that note, today I am sharing with you how to do a packing tape transfer using only, magazines, water, and packing tape!!
I know right, really it's that easy... 
 First you are going to want to go through some magazines and find what ever patterns or pictures pop out to you, what do you love?! For me I picked a lot of pink and floral patterns, because it brightens anything and everything up! 

So, tear out those pages from the magazine and tape the packing tape on top of the page, literally, just tape the page.... and then rip the paper around it so it is just the tape on the photo. It should look like the photo above.
 This is me crouching on my little stool (that I made at camp, woo only three more weeks!!) trying to take photos of this DIY from above haha
 Then, place the pieces of tape and magazine into a cup of water. 
Let it sit in there for about five minutes, set a timer.
 After the tape has soaked for five minutes pull it out of the water. Some tapes are different, but on most of them, the back of the paper will start to peel off. If it doesn't peel off right away dont fret! Just use your fingers to rub away the back of the tape where the magazine paper was. Left on the tape will be the image you taped the tape to. (does that make sense? I feel like I've said "tape" a hundred times now...)
 **Note: When you are originally taping the tape to the magazine, air bubbles will result in no image. Personally I think it looks kinda cool in some places, but just a warning.
And there you have it! 
I taped mine to my bathroom window because I love the way these look when light is shining through them... Where will you tape yours? Happy crafting :) xoxolivia.


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