Under The Shade Of The Trees I Can Relax

I am a pro at elegantly blanketing sheets
 just kidding lol.
 The weather has been amazingly beautiful lately. Besides my allergies (thanks medicine!!) I have loved being able to hang outside in just a tee shirt and some DOLPHIN SHORTS (!!!), yes I finally got a pair!! 
It makes me especially happy to be at school and see lots of girls laying out, doing work and taking advantage of the sun. So much better than the grueling winters, ehh too cold...
 It's also been pretty windy, which I love! A warm day with a cool breeze is the prime ideal weather.
Thanks Emma for the shoes!! :)
shirt, shorts - Forever 21 // shoes - Marc by Marc Jacobs // earrings - thrifted

I really hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Summer is near! xoxolivia.



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