Some Where That's Green

OMG! WHERE HAVE I BEEN!? Honestly, just here, hanging out, it's been sooo rainy lately and I haven't been able to take any photos, or I have been busy. You've heard it all, school, extraciriculars, I'm a busy gal. 
But talk about "April Showers Bring May Flowers" LOOK AT IT! It stopped raining today, it's the first day of the month of May and everything is absolutely flourishing! I love it! SO MUCH GREEN!
Yet of course after it rains, it's muggy and humid, oh OH so humid. So while I was taking these photos, I was really sweating... and that's just..... ew, gross. And I can't wear clothing like this too school when it's super hot, because of the wretched dress code. Quite frankly, coming from someone who basically loves and lives for fashion and style, I think that we would all be better off with a uniform. Then on hot days like this we could all look ugly in our spring time uniforms together. No one would be "skirted" (the art of being given a long skirt to wear when you are showing too much leg) when trying to pull off skinny mini skirts, dresses, and shorts... And imagine the time saved! Also uni's are super cute too, I think!
I am not a huge combat boot person, but here I am, wearing my sisters old combat boots. They are hot (isn't everything nowadays though? like all I'm talking about in this post haha)
outfit details: 
boots: hand-me-downs // shorts: thrifted // shirt: Forever 21 // necklace: gifted // bandeau (secretly a bikini)(I guess the secret's out now...) 
I'll try to post a bunch this weekend, I have so many Words With Sunday pics just sitting on my camera... Maybe I'll post some of those? Who knows, we'll see...... xoxolivia.


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