Self Timerized / What I Wore On Thursday

Hey Everyone!
Right now as I am typing this it is pouring rain, thundering and lightning like crazy!! It's pretty scary. I am just home with Sunni and I am not letting her leave because I don't want her to hydroplane to her death... That was a bit morbid, but true!
I love storms, they are so relaxing, I am listening to some of my old favorite slow songs and Sunni is reading. We only have my twinkly lights and low lamps on... It's so peaceful.
I am so excited for more days like this, super relaxing chill summer days.
When I take photos solo, like sans a photographer, I use the self timer on my camera, which takes ten pictures per shot...  I thought it looked pretty cool all mashed together... Check it out!:

Self Timerized from Olivia on Vimeo.
I saw The Amazing Spider Man 2 today... I am in love with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone so so much. I cried many times in that movie, one when Peter re-watched Gwen's graduation speech, two when the little kid ran into the road dressed as spider man, and three when....... well... I won't spoil the movie for those of you who haven't seen it. I recommend you do though, and in theaters too because it's worth it! I have talked to some people who said they didn't think that it was that good (uh-hemm my brother...) But they're just crazy. Here's the preview if you're interested... (which you should be..)
outfit details: shirt - Old Navy // skirt - Forever 21 // shoes - thrifted // socks - hand me downs // bag - Prada

Tomorrow is Mother's day, yall got any plans to celebrate all of our fantastic mothers? I know I do! :) xoxolivia.


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