Sea Of Love

Hello and Happy Weekend!!
This weekend has been pretty chill so far, sleeping in and relaxing by my pool soaking up the sun. The weather has been a bit moody lately. Terrential downpour, then hot sunshine, muggy sticky overcast days, cloudless 100 degree days... However, today way lovely. The sun was out but it was warm with a breeze, my favorite weather.

It's just about summer... only 19 days until it really is! Until then it's full steam ahead in exam prep and simply exams... It will be here before I know it! Then endless days of soaking up the sun and then campcampcamp!!! Woohoo!!!

Sea Of Love Cover from Olivia on Vimeo.
I recently heard the song Sea Of Love by Cat Power, and I fell in love with this little love song... So of course, I did a cover... :) enjoy! xoxolivia. 


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