HAPPY EASTER!! (Photos Hidden On My Camera....)

 Happy Easter!
Oh wait one second... 
It's May 13th.....
so not Easter.
these photos were taken on Easter after a family brunch at Can Can and loads of chocolate eating... I haven't posted a Words With Sunday in foreverrr, yes I realize that and I am sorry... But I haven't had time on any recent Sundays for a casual brunch and photo shoot, that stuff takes time! Honey as much as I wish I didn't I've got that annoying thing I have to keep up with, you know, what's it called... oh yeah, school.  Oh my gosh gross. 
dress- I want to say TJMaxx? // jacket - hand me down // tight - forever 21 // leggings (yes) - target // shoes - thrifted // sunglasses - Forever 21 // bag - Prada

These photos were taken at the VMFA (Virginia Museum of Fine Art) It turned out to be a pretty nifty place to shoot. I can't wait to go back and take some more pictures! I went once with Ally at night time, but the camera wasn't really liking the night action.... 
Well friends, Happy Easter!! <3 xoxolivia. 


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