Getting Active!

 Hey everyone! It's been a while since I have last posted, but today I am going to talk about getting active! I have always loved getting outside and playing around, but ever since I have grown up and I think stopped growing.... I know that exercise is very important in a daily life routine in staying healthy and happy. Typically I like to go on a bike ride or roller skate around, but I have started running again! When I was in seventh grade I started running a lot I always did cross country and track but I stopped last year. Now I just run around the neighborhood every now and then. I also dance a lot but that's just for fun...
 Even when I am running I no matter how tired or out of shape I feel, I always dance to it, I'll jump around and be weird while running... I probably look super dorky.
And remember, stay hydrated!! :) xoxolivia


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