Censations! (lots of photos...)

This past weekend we had our final spring concert for Censations, for those of you know do not know, Censations is the girls acapella singing group at my school. It's a pretty big deal *flips hair and brushes swag off shoulders*. We sang lots of songs, a few of my favorites were, Scarborough Fair, Happy, and Dark Horse. It was a fun busy year in Censations, I'm not sure if I will do it next year, I am still deciding but we'll see!! 

And on that note, here are photos from the little "photoshoot" that happened after our concert...
Jeffery is such a ladies man...
The best friend clan duh! 
This is Trey, Trey is pretty cool
Joanna says:
"I woke up like dis. FLAWLESS"
Sunni Buns 
Pierce and Will, Isabelle and I became good friends after our production of "Our Town" We had a great time, and did lotssss of laughing, they're some pretty funny guys. 
Joanna wanted to write a note under our picture so here it is:
hello frendz i am here. dogedogedogedoge. chili/chijles
And then here is the whole group! It was a good run y'all! xoxolivia.


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