Friday, May 30, 2014
Fawning Over Fridays - Growing Green

Fawning Over Fridays - Growing Green

Green Girls

Seersucker dress / MICHAEL Michael Kors denim skinny jeans, $76 / Topshop woven-leather shoes / CHARLES & KEITH strappy shoes / B B House genuine leather backpack / Kate spade charm / Henri Bendel nail lacquer 

I'm seeing green!! I have always loved a mint/seafoamish shade but after recently being told that "my color is green" like what I look good in etc. I have subconciously gravitated towards green things, especially pale light green shades.
What's your color? xoxolivia.
Monday, May 26, 2014
Like An American

Like An American

 Happy Memorial Day!
No, I do not have an awesome sale to share with you... (except for the fact that all shoes on are $50 just today, rejoice!) But I today while taking these photos I totally felt like Lana Del Rey haha she's amazing. So likewise, her song "American" was stuck in my head the entire time...
Today we remember all of the strong and powerful men and women who fought for our country. Although I do not have anyone particularly close to me who has fought or served in the war... for all who did and do, thank you. You and your families are so brave. With love, and pride, thank you.
outfit details: shirt - thrifted // bottoms - American Apparel Swimwear // top - Target Swimwear

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day! xoxolivia
Sunday, May 25, 2014


Words With Sunday from Olivia on Vimeo. The song I used is "Don't Save Me" by HAIM

Words With Sunday is back! At lastttt my loooveee has come alongg...
The video pretty much says it all :)
But here's what it says just in case you missed it.....

We once again went to Max's on Broad, but this time with the fam! (Saunders is at beach week and my mom is busy getting ready for her surgery this week) I ordered the Brioche French Toast, and let me tell you, wow. It was so so good. SO getting that again!
skirt (similar), shirt, vest (similar) - Forever 21 // earrings - gifted // shoes - Ferragamo's // glasses - IZod

Rings and things...
infinity ring - Etsy (thanks Ally <3) 
black ring - gifted
triangle ring - Ashby's 
"starburst" ring - Burlington 
two silver bracelets - camp (it's a pretty big deal / tradition to have one of these yall)
clutch - Target
I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing long weekend! I know I am! Does anyone have any memorial day plans? All I know is all be cooped up studying for exams... bleh. I will be sharing a pretty fun post with you all tomorrow however which I have been so excited to share! Any guesses as to what it may be? Here's a hint, USA USA USA!! haha, have a good one :) xoxolivia.
Friday, May 23, 2014
Saunders Graduated!!!

Saunders Graduated!!!

 My amazing brother Saunders graduated high school today!! It was so so exciting, yet so bitter sweet; I am going to miss him like crazy. As of this September I will officially be an only child around the house.. :( 
Ders had a great four years of high school, not only did he graduate with an A+, high honors grade average, but he also received a huge art award! And that's only the beginning of his many achievements...
 Here he is getting his lil deploma :) 
(sorry these pics are unfortunately a wee bit blurry...)
 After the graduation there was a little lunch get together for Saunders and all his friends and their families. It was really nice, I met a lot of new people. The weather was beautiful, so it was perfect to sit outside for some socializing, eats, and but of course... loads of photos... ;)
 This is my grandma, Mimi <3
 all of the flower arrangements on the tables had the graduates photos stuck in them... haha
 bathroom selfies (duh...)
 That's my uncle (my mom's brother) he is super funny and really cool. He came all the way from Portland to see Saunders graduate :)
 I feel like people always steal my hats... lol
the fam :)
Congratulations Saunders, I know you're going to just kill it at Penn State xo

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Darling, You're Absolutely Shocking

Darling, You're Absolutely Shocking

 Tucker Tuck :)
outfit details: shirt - forever 21 // skirt - thrifted // tights - Target // shoes - ShoeMint
I wore this outfit yesterday and I really liked it. The tights and skirt are super bold (they look cooler in real life...) and I love yellow and blue together. 
Have a great rest of your week :) xoxolivia
Getting Active!

Getting Active!

 Hey everyone! It's been a while since I have last posted, but today I am going to talk about getting active! I have always loved getting outside and playing around, but ever since I have grown up and I think stopped growing.... I know that exercise is very important in a daily life routine in staying healthy and happy. Typically I like to go on a bike ride or roller skate around, but I have started running again! When I was in seventh grade I started running a lot I always did cross country and track but I stopped last year. Now I just run around the neighborhood every now and then. I also dance a lot but that's just for fun...
 Even when I am running I no matter how tired or out of shape I feel, I always dance to it, I'll jump around and be weird while running... I probably look super dorky.
And remember, stay hydrated!! :) xoxolivia