Words With Sunday + Chapter 22

Hello Friends! 
It has been absolutely perfect outside lately, Richmonders- can you believe this amazing weather?! In the high 60s - 75s, and sunny sunny sunny! The only downside (sadly there is one) my allergies kicked in today, and hard core too... luckily however, I was prepared with all my meds and sprays and drops etcetera and so forth. 
As you can tell this isn't the typical Words With Sunday posting avec brunch and such; that's because my dad is in BELIZE!! Having a great time so he says, fishing and also enjoying warm(er) weather :) I do miss him though that's for sure...
Okay, can we agree that this skirt was the best thrifted find of.all.time?!?! Because it so was!
And I also wear it as a dress sometimes too hehehe...
I feel like a flamenco dancer in it! Oh la la!
headband // thrifted
shirt // Jones New York
belt // thrifted
skirt // thrifted
shoes // ShoeMint
I hope you all have a fantastic week! 
and I am hoping this week isn't as stressful as the last... although, I do have a test or quiz just about everyday... humph, we'll see!
love you bunches!! xoxolivia.


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