White And Light

 Happy Monday! Let's talk white. It is a massive trend right now and I am just loving it. Of course I tried to tie on to the trend, alas, I have practically no white in my closet. I am pretty sure I have one other shirt and that's it. Yeah. But I found three things that I really never where, and I mean never. 

shirt // thrifted
bustier // Need Supply Co. -not sure what brand..
skirt // thrifted
watch // from a Happy Meal, no joke, it's probably a good twelve years old haha!
shoes // Ferragamo's 
earrings // vintage clip-ons
book // "It" by Alexa Chung

So it's the typical few thrifted things and then other things that were purchased with a gift card or were a gift... Trust me, if you have read my blog in the past or know me in real life you will know I am the last person to spend over $20 on any article of clothing, ever. Because I know it, or something exactly like it is sitting on a squeaky rack in some Goodwill somewhere for the beautiful price of $4.66
 Still with out my laptop, I am using the photo editing website Fotor, photo editing websites aren't my favorite to use, I am typically an application software kinda gal, but Fotor has been alright and I am getting by. And I do love playing with all the cool effects hehe ;)
 "It" by Alexa Chung, so so good. My sister Emma, got this signed book for me for my birthday and I have already read it a couple times. Not only is it super cute and photogenic (example A, this post...) but it is so quotable and honestly pretty relatable and inspiring. Alexa Chung talks about her life through her travels, growing up, heart break, fashion experience... She gives great advice, and on top of it all she is absolutely hilarious, love her, she is such a role model!
So here are a few of my favorite "white" outfits... just some more of my inspiration...
Sarah, from Framboise Fashion really knows what's up in the fashion world... (here and here)
Buzzfeed is always correct (here)
A few of these on LC's post (here)
May your fashion senses be tingling! hehehe.. xoxolivia.


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