Thank You's And Goodbye Kisses

Hello my faithful readers!
As you know if you have been following along I haven't really been blogging much lately and if I do it's not much but a polyvore collection...
I wanted to be real with you guys for just a few minutes and tell you what's actually going on...
So you're probably wondering why this post is called Thank You's and Goodbye Kisses... Well...

I got the chance to take a mission trip to Portugal and do some service work there... It's a huge deal I know. But I wont be able to blog at all. So I just wanted to say goodbye...
But I'll give you a little bit of background about my interest in Portugal first... SO! All my life I have had a huge connection to Portugal, I have some family there and I have been a few times, I know most of you probably think that I'd want to go into some kind of fashion industry or style company when I am older, but the truth is my soul is dead set on living in Portugal and helping out there, becoming a doctor, healing and saving the lives of many people. So this is it. I am going to sell my blog soon, I already have some offers for some One Direction fans who like my name

So Anyway..
I leave in two days, I know I haven't made much of any hype about it just because I am truly very very sad I will be leaving all of my friends and family for three years... It's a long time, but my life is ahead of me and I am ready to take on this challenge and massive stepping stone! Wish me luck!
You can follow me along on Instagram for updates :)
I will miss you all dearly and thank you so much for following along it has been such a fun journey
You are so well loved! kissess xoxolivia.
oh hey p.s. did I forget to mention how bad of a liar I am? Yeah.. April Fools!!!!! And I have zero connection to Portugal... (sorry to my Portugal readers I love you so much though!)


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