Lollipops Eyes and Blooming Spring

It's here!!! Ahhh at last... the long awaited warmth is finally here, and here to stay!! (Or so I hope...) And I am bringing out the warm weather spring-summer uniform: Overalls, flowey shirts and chaco's or no shoes... haha I am wearing kedds here though due to my blisters... 
 This hat was made last weekend during my ultimate boredom. It was super easy all I did was paint the eyes, let it dry, and then totally rocked it all weekend long ;) I'm not a huge baseball cap wearer but I love them and I am starting up a collection hehehe...    
 I am also working on my wink! I have come to the realization that my right eye is the eye that I can wink without having to do the overly dramatic scrunch of the face and super wide open mouth... Where as my left eye that is the case.. But I am still working on it! Every night before bed, I look in the mirror and practice my winking. No joke I really do, guys, I seriously want to be a winker. 
 These Lollipops are the best! We buy them in massive bags from stores like Ikea and HomeGoods. They are awesome... I eat them so quickly though, so I eat a lot... hey, they're delicious, and tiny!
If you noticed... The past few posts haven't been my typical back/front yard, I have been going up to this little, park (i guess that's what you'd call it) right at the top of my street to take photos. It's super pretty, especially when the trees look like this :) 
It's right on the main road so yeahh... I get some honks and cat calls every now and then haha... But it's fun, hey why hide the fact that I have a totally awesome blog with amazing readers..?! Love y'all, happy spring! xoxolivia.


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