Let's Talk About Features

By now if you have read just about everything ever to be posted here on my blog then you'd know I do in fact share a decent amount of my personal life with you, whether it be a "10 random facts about me" post or a "I have been thinking..." deep stuff post or even just a "Lalala I'm hyper here is what I want to do with my life!!" post... Here comes another one, but this time however, I am going to focus in on some of my body features and parts of my body and talk about them... I know sounds weird right...? Just keep reading... warning: this post is pretty wordy...
Starting off, I'll tell you a bit about my hair. I have done a lot with it, it's gone from intense amounts of SunIn, to DIY bleach blonde that eventually turned an awkward orange, major root party and damaged hair due to immense amounts of bleach, curling, and snipping... Most recently I dyed it "back to my natural color" I got it done in a salon, but it is starting to fade into a reddish brown, I don't mind it but in some lighting and photos it can look a little strange... 
I have never had my hair longer than my shoulders. I love cutting my hair and have only had it professionally cut maybe three times max. I grew up with a pixie cut for years and years. I am trying to now grow it out to see what it will be like, but part of me reallllyyy wants to cut it to a pixie this summer!! 
 My feet. I love to walk barefoot, everywhere, so I have pretty tough feet. Which means I am not a huge fan of pedicures when they scrape off your heals to "make them soft" -- more like take away my freedom to run where ever I want with out shoes... But I have blisters and scars everywhere on my toes and heels from wearing shoes that are too small. I was wearing my kedd's, you know those floral ones I have had since the seventh grade, right before I took this photo, so don't mind the sockless imprint they left. My feet are a 7.5-8 and they can and will take me places some day I know it. 
 In all my sixteen years I have never touched my eyebrows, nor will I ever... the thought of taking small tools or hot wax to harshly rip out tiny harmless, beautiful little hairs makes me cringe. I can't even imagine how much it hurts! And hey if my eyebrows just get crazy one day and go all caterpillar on me, I'll let 'em, and nothing is worse then the look of your eyebrow with hairs growing back around it. I say, keep it natural! 
 My teeth have seen a lot in their years (makes them sound like old sailors or something hahaha) from retainers, to two years of braces, to another retainer, to two and a half years of Invisalign, now back to yet another retainer, I'd say I am happy with them now and hopefully they wont need any more work. But I know though if I ever do want to get braces or Invisalign again, all I have to do is stop wearing my retainer!! Which will never happen. I'm telling you, I have a very personal, emotional attachment to my retainers. I wear them every single night and I also bring them to school and everywhere with me because I never know where I may be going if I will be staying somewhere that isn't home that night - I'l need my retainers. 
 My legs (+knees).
Growing up (up until now that is seeing how I am still growing up...) I used to be the shortest kid out of everyone, I was tiny, a little skinny mini. Then one day, literally over the course of a weekend or something people started seeing me and saying "Oh my goodness Olivia!! When did you get so tall!?!?!" Everywhere I went I would get that question asked, and I would honestly respond, "I. Have. No. Clue." I am only 5'8" so not super tall, but I guess as a seventh grader, out of no where shooting from a solid 5' to 5"5 in a weekend is a pretty big deal. And I haven't stopped growing! yay! I like my height but I do wish I were taller,
"I admire tall girls who wear heals, stand up straight, and walk with purpose." -My Grandma sometime last year talking about our waitress in a restaurant in Texas. 
As for size though I'd say I have a bit of a curve to me which I am not really a fan of... but I am getting used to it, and embracing my little waist and hips. 
And for knees, I have always been self conscious about how shabby I think they are... I just think they are weird looking and knees are gross...
 I never knew the color of my eyes until this year. When I was younger, they were blue, forever after that I was convinced they were hazel, and that was just because 
i thought that was a cool unique color, and for me to be cool and unique my eyes should be hazel. But after spending enless moments staring at myself in the mirror and looking into my eyes, one at a time, I saw they were a deep green with some sort of yellow-golden flex in them. Now that sounds super mystical and odd but it's pretty much true, at least I think. My eyelids are always dry, no matter the season, they are always red and dry right where the bone is above my lid.
 I've kinda got a button nose. There isn't much definition of it, especially at the top but I like it. I think... I don't have much to say about my nose really, it's just there, doesn't do much... It lets me smell which is nice haha, thanks nose. 
Lastly for my arms. All my life I have struggled with seriously sensitive, dry skin. I get allergic reactions like it's my job. On top of seriously sensitive skin, I have bad eczema, especially on the inside of my elbows. I used to have it on the backs of my knees, neck and face, but luckily I now only have it on one place... But you can see the scaring there, hopefully the scars will heal soon, then again everything is always so itchy! Eergg... I have veiny palms and a hitchhiker's thumb, I like it but I now have a habit of cracking my thumb knuckles... sounds weird but it's a natural thing now. My fingers have scars and scratches, my hands and arms have done a lot. I have scars from the theatre, rock climbing, and loads of crafting; I have my fair share of hot glue gun burns... 

And on that note... Those are my features and body parts. Hope that wasn't too personal haha... xoxolivia. 


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