It's April!

Hey friends! So I hope everyone had a hilariously foolish April Fool's Day! I played a few tricks no doubt, starting with attempting in scaring my mom into thinking I was dead, but I didn't let it play out long enough, also it was right after I had walked down to the kitchen, she was following me but I quickly laid on the floor and didn't move... It didn't work at all, she was not fooled... I think she thought I was just being lazy and decided to take a quick cat nap in the middle of the kitchen floor, because I am weird, and because that is something I would actually do....

Then my entire math class tricked my math teacher into thinking she is crazy and there wasn't any homework... It's the oldest trick to play on teachers, but she believed us and later thought it was so good we each got an extra bonus point, Woohoo!! 

I did definitely fool my mom later though. I got my advisor, who happens to also be the Dean of Students (she's pretty awesome) in helping me prank her into believing I had gotten suspended for a week and a half for getting in a fight in the lunch room. It was pretty good, there were so many details to it though it'd be hard to explain here. I think my mom was nervous at a few points in time. I totally got her.... ;)
Like my Henna? It's still going strong and I have had it on for about two weeks now! I'm not sure if I had mentioned anything about it before, but it was a DIY kit, it was super easy, and worked really well, clearly... 
blouse with collar (under button up) // Forever 21
button up // thrifted (rather than Made In The US, or Made In China; this says "Made In Heaven!" too cute!)
dress // Urban Outfitters
shoes // Ferragamo's 
earrings // gifted, but possibly old old Forever 21...?

I think I will do an April goals post coming up here soon, just because 2014 is going by so quickly! And sometimes I feel like I have so many plans to do things and then they never get done and all of a sudden its APRIL! Maybe if I make a list (for many people to see) it will motivate me to get more done :) xoxolivia


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