Friday Friday!

OMG! It's Friday! At last, boy I thought it'd never come! But today we had a half day so Ally and I went prom dress shopping... Yes you read that correctly... Ally's going to prom!! WOO! I am so excited for her, hopefully I can hover around when she's getting ready and snap some beauty shots :) So the super annoying thing though about our school is that our prom is so casual people literally wear sun dresses. But y'all know me... I will wear something sparkly and floofy, I just know it. We tried Lex's of Carytown but all they had were super flouncy dresses that were just decked out and that's not really what Ally was looking for... Then we tried Fab'rik and they had some super cute stoofs, I tried a couple dresses on myself, but nothing really prom worthy if you know what I mean. So no success this time, but we are still on the hunt! Anyone have any fave online places to get a casual cute prom dress??

After some shopping we went to Mellow Mushroom for a late-ish lunch. Delishious as always!  I think I may have a pizza problem. I love pizza; hey it will never break your heart, nor will it ever smite you! So pizza always wins ^__^ !!
Pesto pizza is my favorite :)
After lunch we went home and took some pics that I can't wait to share with you all sometime next week! Later in the evening Ally, Saunders, my Dad and I went and saw a production of Arabian Nights, It was super good! I am pretty sure we read the book in sixth grade... 
Tomorrow I am having a small tea party with my besties, I am so excited and staying up late getting ready! It is going to be loads of fun :) 
I'll be sure to post some pics (duh)


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