Friday, April 25, 2014


Hey guys! One of my all time favorite bloggers, Izzy from Views of Now started her own little mini project called #ilovemyselfie! It's a super cute, motivational reminder that even the smallest of quirks people have make them beautiful. We should all love ourselves (I know I do!) We only have one self, so we might as well love it! And what a better way to show the love through social media?! (mwahah tehehehe) 

Here are all the actual selfies that I took during this video, none of them are edited or anything because I mean why love something that isn't 100% true beauty, no matter how corny my faces are.. haha... 
SO! Post a photo of yourself (a selfie!) on Instagram or twitter or facebook or whatever your social media outlit for posting selfies is... But tag me and use the #ilovemyselfie, then we can all share the love! Here is my instagram.
Love y'all! xoxolivia.
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Four Word Thurdsay

Four Word Thurdsay

"Dogs Should Live Forever"

 glasses // IZod 
dress // Forever 21
shirt // TJ MaxX
tights // Target
boots // hand-me-down? I always forget 
bag // vintage
belt // vintage


Wednesday, April 23, 2014
What I Wore On Friday!

What I Wore On Friday!

Remember last Friday when I hung out with Ally? (I mean when do I don't but...)  Well this is what I wore when we went out :) It's a look that is being done up everywhere, the jacket tied around the waist with some tartan and tights. Or just tartan alone, and striped, and flatforms, and cute stuff like that.
shirt // HUE to go
jacket // hand-me-down
skirt // Forever 21
tights // Forever 21
shoes // thrifted
food (very important) // Mellow 'Shroom duh
 I hope you all have a splendidly stellar Wednesday! xoxolivia

Tuesday, April 22, 2014
City In Color

City In Color

 Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday!
Today I wore my city skirt. It's a super light and silky midi skirt with what is like a collage of photos of big cities. And I loooooove it! I got it at Ross I believe sometime in the summer and it was only about $6 :)
 At last spring is here. Everything is so beautiful and green (one of my new favorite colors I am beginning to believe) Yet everything is also so beautiful and yellow. pollen. It is the death of me. I have had horrid allergies ever since I can remember (super young though no doubt) and I have suffered with them every year. ugh. But I am on various meds, but once a certain amount of time wares off, I start getting all sneezy real quickly.
shirt // gifted
skirt // Ross
tights // Target
shoes // Mod Cloth (thrifted)
classes // Forever 21
bracelets // gifted
I am utterly sleep deprived, so on that note... I love you all, have a great rest of your Tuesday, unless you are Australian, enjoy the rest of your Wednesday ;) xoxolivia.

Monday, April 21, 2014
It Is Spring! Happy Easter!

It Is Spring! Happy Easter!

Hey Friends!
Happy Easter! 
These are the photos that we all took yesterday after our photobooth fun :) 
It was beautiful out today, and it was supposed to rain all day, I was so thankful it didn't so we could get these fun group pics! I love how colorful, bright and playful all these photos are!
Look at our skirts blowing in the wind, especially Ally's! :) 
I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter! xoxolivia. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014
What I Wish I Were Wearing This Spring / Summer

What I Wish I Were Wearing This Spring / Summer


Topshop crop shirt / Ted Baker cape coat, $165 / Pink skirt, $250 / Jeffrey Campbell nude flat / Dolce Gabbana red leather purse, $725 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS geometric jewelry / Roxy hat / Monki heart shaped sunglasses, $14 / Illesteva round glasses, $335 / Karen walker eyewear, $270 / 2b metal belt / Forever 21 lip gloss / Viktor Rolf viktor rolf perfume, $160

This Spring I want to wear lots of orange, pink, and peach tones. Not only are they my favorite colors but they are so happy and cheery. I love it! I make all of my collection posts on Polyvore and everything that I love seems to be super expensive... So keep in mind, that my collections aren't things I will actually be wearing, but trying to restyle and recreate.  I plan to wear skirts just about everyday, as I do now, but with flowey long kimonos or shalls. I adore that look! And oh the sunhats!! I am a total hat person no matter what, I have a pretty vast collection now, and it just continues to grow!

Dolce Gabbana slim fit shirt / Blue kimono, $67 / Carven button shirt / Forever 21 shorts / By Malene Birger floral shorts, $275 / Topshop black shoes / Lacoste blue purse / Floppy hat, $37 / Illesteva round sunglasses

I. Want. Dolphin. Shorts. Dolphin shorts are the ones on the right, they are breezy and have a little curve slit on the side. I have tried many on in the past but have never actually bought any. They are so comfortable! I am a total sucker for anything floral. But the thing is it's a specific floral I absolutely love and that is the sort of fancy floral, not like a cheapy floral. That doesn't really make sense does it...? I like water colored floral patterns. So yeah I'd kill for a pair of swingy shorts like those orange ones in the middle, they are just too cute!! Basic sandals and a tote make any outfit complete.

Ted Baker underwire swimsuit, $115 / We Are Handsome swimsuit swimwear / STELLA McCARTNEY swimsuit swimwear / We Are Handsome swimsuit swimwear / Topshop bikini swimwear / Topshop bikini / River Island bikini swimwear, $27 / American Eagle Outfitters underwire swimsuit / River Island bikini swimwear, $20 / Ted Baker halter top / John Lewis underwire swimsuit, $47 / Gorgeous white bikini, $13 / Bikini swimwear, $25 / River Island bikini swimwear, $10 / Ice King and Gunter Swimsuit LIMITED

Swimwear!!! I love patterned swimsuits. I am a total advocate to mixing and matching bikinis of far off patterns. It is so much more fun that way!! I just got my first pair of high waisted bikini bottoms a couple weeks ago, I got them in black because I wanted to be able to really pair them with everything and these were kinda pricey, but they were a gift so. (Thanks Sunni <3) I have always had so much respect for the curvy women who wear spectacular one pieces, and know it looks great, and feel confident in a swimsuit and their figures. And the thing about one piece bathing suits is that it really accentuates every beautiful curve and makes your body look great!! I don't have many cool patterned one pieces like these at the moment, but I really want to own some of my own! Especially some of Black Milk's Adventure Time suits!!! Obsessed! 

Well that's all for today on what I wish I were wearing this season... 'till next time! xoxolivia.  
At Home Photobooth!

At Home Photobooth!

On Saturday, after our brunch we had such a blast messing around in the homemade "photobooth" 
All I did was pin up a sheet, cut out some mustaches and dressed up in some costumes from my old dress up bin. It was a lot of fun! I have always loved photo booths with funky props and such. It's also always fun with a group of people :)
Happy Easter! xoxolivia.