Words With Sunday + Chapter 21

Can Can! (again again...) My love for CanCan is nestled in the deep crevices of my heart, forever to remain and always to cherish. So you understand, I love Can Can... always have always will. 
This morning, my father got the typical Eggs Benedict with grilled tomato in place of the ham (go vegetarians!) I did not try it but he said it was oh so excellent....
 We shared a French Onion Soup... yum!
I ordered something new to me, cinnamon caramel orange waffles. And let me tell you folks, these were di-lish-i-o-so!! And so filling, I didn't even get to finishing the last two!

Yet again, another rainy day.... But at least rainy days call for cute umbrella shots!
We took my outfit photos at a little red train behind a school, I think it is used as a classroom or offices, I am not sure, but it was cute and super fun.
sweater // given to me by my dear friend Shelby
shirt // Gap
belt // vintage - costume
skirt // Forever 21, I love this skirt and I have had it for a while now but this was my first time wearing it out and I felt great in it! I love funky pencil skirts, the only down side is that I bought it online and since I couldn't try it on, I ordered a size a bit too big on mistake... 
tights // hand-me-downs
heels // vintage
earrings // given to me from my sister

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I can't wait for this rain to stop so the sun can shine and Spring can come out of hiding! xoxolivia.


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