Velvet Pants Make The Slouch Outfit Perfection

Hello all! So where was I this week? Ah yes well, I was in school, just like any other typical week Monday through Friday. Here's the thing, I really need to focus in my classes and up my work ethic. This all means that I am now officially a weekend blogger... Sad but true :(
If you have noticed by now, Ally and I did a little bit of a photo shoot this evening as the sun was setting... The weather was beyond beautiful today, I had a great day. This weather is my favorite.

On another note... I sent my laptop in the other day to get it all fixed up and get all the smoothie gunk out (yuck) But for now I am on a loaner which doesn't have any of my photo editing apps on it. Therefor I had to use a website to edit my photos.... Not my favorite but I got to play around with some effects and themes etcetera.
This cat decided to follow us around during our shoot. It's funny because Ally hates and I mean hates stray cats and cats that just walk around on their own... But It loved me hehe <3
Well well well... what did I wear?
shirt // Forever 21
pants // Urban Outfitters
shoes // vintage
jacket // vintage, Ally's

I hope you all have such splendid weekends :) Any plans? I've got nothing but maybe some crafting and homework... xoxolivia


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