She Had The Universe Spilling From Her Eyes, and she didn't even know it

I did some watercolor this morning, well watercolor feat. some glitter (typical) 
I randomly woke up at six thirty this morning and I got out of bed and did all my homework. I was finished by eight which was awesomeee but every one was still asleep. My father had a conference call this morning right around brunch time so I think we are going to get lunch or dinner for our words with sunday.  But now it's rainy, and I've been awake for so long and have already done a lot. humph
I'm not really sure where the inspiration came from for this one... I have been drawing people that look like this though a lot lately. Like it's weird, my journal which is typically filled top to bottom on each page with endless words and thoughtful writing is now drawings and few words. Who knows....
But yeah I made that little saying up, unless someone else around the world has already said it before, but as long as I'm not sure, it's mine hehe xoxolivia. 


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