On My Way, On My Way!

Packing Packing Packing!
Tomorrow is the big day to head to Austin, Texas; the music capitol!
This is my mini fixer-uper travel kit that I always refill and take with me when I travel in airports. It has things like qtips, hair clips, bandaids, a mini mascara wand, a comb- all the last minute essentials for touch ups and emergency things one may need during travels. Best part is it all fits in a small glasses case! 
What's in my bag when I travel?
I like to travel light when it comes to when I'm walking around and doing my thing where ever I am, I don't like to have much on my hands, so an over the shoulder bag is always ideal. And in it always are just a few things... my wallet, some pens and a pencil, a small notebook/idea book (inspiration bursts frequently) lipstick, chapstick and my phone. And of course my camera is around my neck so the lens cap stays in the small front pocket of my bag :)
to me, something I can write in and with is the most important in my bag. I really am not one to take "notes" on my phone, and I am constantly coming up with new ideas and having thoughts, so a notebook is very very essential. 
Only six more hours until I'm on my way to the airport! I am so SO happy and excited :)) xoxolivia


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