My Dream Room

My Dream Room
David Trubridge coral colored lamp / Orange lamp / Synthetic rug / Wool rug, $950 / Rug, $295 / Blue rug, $400 / Fatboy rug, $250 / Safavieh ceramic garden stool / Currey Company antique mirror / Flower arrangement / Personalized home decor / Vintage home decor / Pink throw pillow / Cat clock / C Wonder throw pillow / Jonathan Adler sheer curtain panel / Door stop / Book end, $50 / Newgate pink alarm clock, $25 / Pug home decor, $42 / Framed wall art / LSA International glass vase, $23 / Rifle Paper Co word wall art, $11 / Pink throw pillow, $17 / Queen bed frame / Tufted sofa / Crate and barrel furniture / Aidan gray furniture / Rectangle cocktail table / Desk / Serena Lily rattan chair / Hot pink furniture / Colored furniture, $655 / HAY oak accent table, $385 / Round table / Crosley Radio 'Kettle' Desk Phone

Hey Guys!
I have been so excited to share this with you and now it's here! So I am kinda obsessed with Polyvore... but typically I am just on there creating outfit sets and accessory collections, but the other day I decided to create a ROOM! And not only any room...  but my total DREAM ROOM! (Can you tell I am excited? haha) If I had the money, time, and space to totally redecorate my room it would look a little bit like this! Alright so obviously it will be rather colorful, as my room is now, but it doesn't get great light in it, I do have many windows but at times it can be pretty dark... But not this room... this room is always bright and always warm and cheery! I think my inspiration for my dream room honestly came from Julia over on Gal Meets Glam... you can scroll through there and see if there are any home photos... There are always some on her Instagram. She has a similar layout to this room and I just love it!

Get a closer look:
On the left of my room is my desk, with a poppy rug and comfy chair... Next to the desk as you can see is a hanging chair. I have been dying for one of these, they are sooooo cool and so much fun! When I have my own house they will absolutely be hanging in my living room! Some bright and fun art will hang on the walls and flowers will be everywhere! So here's a little secret to this room I created... the wallpaper is actually a rug! Haha I loved it too much to not use and it was perfection as wallpaper :)
One of my favorite parts in my room is the couch area... 
If my room now were big enough for this believe me I would have one. I think that this couch probably faces my massive open closet or maybe another window? I am not sure yet what it is facing but I like it :) I love these mix match pillows, I feel like the couch and pillows are very 70s... is that just me? Okay so this rug is just to dye for, I. Love. It. I tried to put some things on the little table to make it feel more "lived in" so that little camera sticker represents my hobby for photography and blogging and the books are my absolute love for big books with big pictures, especially makeup and fashion books! 
To the right of my bed is a chest, full of who knows what; clothes? Fabric? Crafting things? Junk I've stuffed in there while I "cleaned up my room"? We will never really know until I create this room in real life haha. Mirrors are essential... There is the decorative pink one above the chest where I may do my makeup or put on jewelry... And then a full length one to check out my spectacular outfits ;) 
And then a little furry rug because why not!
Also, don't forget the fabulous kitty clock! We used to have one of these but in black in my kitchen in my old house when I was really young before we moved to Richmond. If we still have that I want it! 
And for the most important area of the bedroom... the bed. I couldn't find any super fun special beds that were facing the correct direction so I used this one, cut off the ugly head board and added this beautiful pinkish-red one! Love it <3
In my room now I have a sweet vintage floral chandelier, but I really love this cool geometric one! 
On my bed as you can see are some cute little throw pillows, "Je T'aime" (I love you in french), a cat pillow (I actually have one of these!) and a pug face pillow! How funny is that one! 
On either side of my bed as you can see, since it's in the middle of the room I thought it looked good with matching lamps and stand tables. And of course little rugs, flowers and a clock... 

So that's my dream room! What do you think? Have you created a Polyvore room before? If you have, or you just want me to check out your Polyvore, follow me and I will follow you back and take a look! 

Have a great week! xoxolivia. 


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