My Bathroom

It's my bathroom! Typically one doesn't see the lights of my bathroom only because it is tiny, normally rather dirty (nasty) and I dunno I like to have some privacy to my room, well now I guess it's not so private anymore haha. 
under my sink there is a tub that used to be a popcorn factory popcorn bucket, but now holds my junk jewelry. Then I have my "tools" like curlers and blowdryer, hairbrush etc etc. 
When I was in 5th grade I thought I would be really cool if I splattered my agenda book with nail polish.... it still has yet to go away....
Hey Louis... ;)
I have my essential things in my bathroom: eos, makeup remover, qtips, lotion, hand scrub (heavenly) and hand lotion. Oh and of course perfume. 


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