Late Night / Early Morning Thoughts

I am so tired but for some reason I don't want to go to sleep....
Here is a playlist though of music I have been listening to recently:

This is my slow it down night time reflection playlist... seeing as it is now officially (woohoo) Spring Break, and yet it remains a solid 30 degrees out (thats -1.11 degrees Celsius for you Celsius users) You get it, it's super cold. So as I am remaining here in good old RVA for this week I am going to take the time to slow down and take time for me. I am going to write a lot, maybe dance a little, take some photos, and simply do everything that makes me happiest.
  For some reason my computer is being the weirdest ever and if this comes out all underlined and spaced weird I am sorry I don't exactly know what's up....

**Woah... news flash, I just fell asleep while typing this and I had a super scary realistic dream! You know those dreams that you have that take place in the room your in and they seem so so REAL!? Well I just had one of those and now I am scared... but it's time for bed,  oh yeah am I sleeping in? Yes. xoxolivia. 


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