It's A Bubbles Kind Of Day!

Hey there!
today it was/is absolutely beautiful! I have had such a lovely break so far mainly because I have just been oh so happy and doing little things I love. So on that note I thought I'd share with you a few things that have made me happy lately :)
1. bubbles, clearly...
2. this weather, just my type, not too hot but certainly not cold! It's fantastic! 
3. late nights, for the past few nights I have been the only one awake still downstairs and honestly I like it, me being afraid of the dark and all, I sort of like the spookiness of it, it's quiet and it feels like I have the whole house to my self. I don't of course and I still have to be quiet but for some reason I like it. It gives me room to move and think. 
4. LDR's - long distance relationships.. not too long ago I made a friend who lives over in England, his name is Tom and he is super cool, it's so interesting having friends from far away places, you get to learn their lifestyle and all their cool lingo and such, like "cheeky" and "watching the rugby" really though who says that? I love it!
5. "Indie" "Bambi" "Fresh" "Cutie" "Summer" "Boho" pictures 
I have always loved bright colors (as it's kinda clear) and these style of photos have all that I love in them! here's an example
alright so you're probably guessing how I have edited all these photos and uploaded and blogged right? Well this is my situation ^^ I have had to plug in an old keyboard, but alas it works for now but it ain't gunna fly for long, no way am I going to be lugging this thing around all day long... Getting better, but the struggle continues xoxolivia. 


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