I Think A Bug Just Bit My Eyebrow... Ugh Please It's Too Soon

I am practicing my winking skills... so far, there has been no progress, sighh.
You're probably thinking, "Wow it must be so warm in Richmond to be able to wear crop tops and shorts!" welllllll....... not quite. It has been warmer for sure but it is only ever in the 60's at most. Loving it though, I am not complaining! 
so right after making these jeans into jorts (jean shorts, yeah) I used the rest of the pant legs to make a little clutch! I haven't used my sewing machine in a while so it was good to whip it back out again :) And it only took like ten minutes! (give or take a few for rewinding my bobbin etcetera etcetera...)
shirt // Forever 21
belt // thrifted
shoes // Kenzie
shorts // thrifted- St. John's Bay Brand
vest // Forever 21
bag // DIY

Wellp that's pretty much it! Have a great week everyone! And Happy Birthday Maddy :) xoxolivia.


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