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I Could Really Go For A Smoothie Right Now

 Today we started our cold day at the Bob Bullock history museum, it was cool.......... I am not a huge history museum person, like at all... but it was a nice chill, rainy morning, until the sun came out and it was beautiful!
Veggies for life! They're motto at this BBQ place we went to was "Horrifying Vegetarians since 1988" Haha jokes on them, I had a veggie burger, WOOHOO! 
 "caring for your succulents"
Alright so here's how it all went down:
The group went to take pics at the Greetings From Austin Mural, you know a tradition when visiting Austin...
And there were two girls there, I saw one (Shay) but at first out of the corner of my eye I was like, "wait, what. IS THAT SHALYN!?" But I wasn't really sure at first, but I had to take a chance at it so I went for it and asked if she was, well, herself! GUESS WHAT! SHE WAS! (Internal partying) 
So then I told her I love her blog and she is amazing and I am a loyal follower, etc etc etc the natural praise she was born to receive....
So get this... Ally recently emailed her saying well, the natural praise and so forth, and so I related to Ally's emails to Shay and she said that she kinda recognized me too because Ally showed Shay my blog! So cool! (Ally is also a huge fan)
I mean really what a small world we live in, out of the few days we are here I knew Shalyn lived in Austin but it's a pretty big city with loads of people, the odds I'd run into her were slim... but it happened! 
Let's be real here, when I found out it was here I started shaking a lot because guys, she is a celebrity...! So So beyond cool!

 Intense sophomore game so strong
 third wheeling - flying solo game even stronger....
 My golly... these donuts yall.. SO GOOD! check them out here
Tonight's concert was the spectacular Sharon Corr! She was so good, totally check her out online.
Tomorrow is our last day :( but hopefully the weather will be nice and I will finally be able to wear that springy dress I brought! xoxolivia. 


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