Fleurs and Sunshine

Hoorah for the ever so temporary warm weather! Today it was in the 70s or so it felt, and it felt great :) 
My mother and I drove down to el river for the weekend, but we are thinking about returning tomorrow because, get this, it is supposed to rain all tomorrow and snow on Monday. snow. yes you read that correctly, SNOW. My gosh I can't begin to even tell you the love hate relationship mother nature has on us here in VA. It's really not fair, what did we do?! She just teases us with days like this and then hurts us with lip chapping winds and dreary snowy days... ugh. Not cool. 
But as you can see, the flowers are starting to bloom here on the river side and all it well here, they will freeze soon enough however. So terribly sad... 

My Spring Break is also coming to an end :( which I am very sad about, I don't even know what school is anymore, I haven't had it for over two weeks, this is the life! (for now at least...)
if your wondering what I am (or am not wearing due to my lack of clothing because of this weather.......) 
bikini top // Target
shorts // thrifted
belt // Forever 21
hat // Forever 21

How has your Spring Break been? Or what are you going to do for Spring Break when the time comes? Comment and let me know! I love hearing/reading y'alls comments :) xoxolivia. 


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