Cozy Up

As you know if you've been reading along, weather here hasn't been great...
On this snowy day today I made some cookies. They started out as a fail when I didn't have the correct ingredients and the recipe went a bit cookoo... but hey when these semi improvised delectables came out of the oven they were divine!

Anywhooo, tomorrow I start school and I don't want to go back. I am going to miss these sloww days when I can just cozy up in front of the tv with my favorite blanket and a bowl of oatmeal (okay I realize that makes me sound like a lazy lump but admit it, we all need slow do nothing days every now and then)
School is pretty stressful for me... hopefully I can go back with my head held high and be carefree and stress free but based on how things have been in the past and I know they will be in the future, I'm not sure that's an option... But hey I'll try.
All I'm saying is I think I am going to need a day between Saturday and Sunday.....


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