The Twenty Fourteen Spring Break To Do List

Today marks the official first day of Spring Break, still having no plans for this week, so you know what that means: loads of photoshoots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (excessive exclamation points are absolutely necessary) Since I will be spending most of my time in Richmond (in my house) I thought I'd make a list of things I want to do. Therefore in that case my week doesn't result in me just watching an entire series of some show, and sleeping and eating a lot... That is just the opposite of what I want to accomplish... 
(Also for some reason my hair looks grey at the top, I don't know what's up, I didn't fail to use dry shampoo or something I don't even use dry shampoo.... I am clearly aging super fast, oh god...)
Here are ten simple things I want to accomplish or try to accomplish this Spring Break
1. embellish a sweatshirt
2. bike ride every day 
3. start up my clothing shop
4. paint
5. read parallel reading 
6. drink smoothies 
7. make a bow back tee shirt
8. play with bubbles
9. continue writing songs with my uke
10. go to Ikea
my bracelet is a broken part of a necklace that I tied on my wrist a while ago and haven't taken it off since, I really like it and it is so simple it goes with a lot. My cuff is something that I made a few years ago, it says "take what the water gave me" it's a Florence and the Machine song... 
dress // Vintage Oaxacan Dress 
shoes // hand - me - down
hat // JCrew
belt // Forever 21


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