San Antonio, TX, USA

Alamo, Photoshoots, Boats, Exploration, Carnivals OH MY!

On Wednesday, we headed to San Antonio to check out the Alamo (which I totally remember by the way) Honestly I had no idea it was in the middle of the city right there on the side of a street... not to mention tiny! But it was cool to see it in person. They sell really good dark chocolate in the Alamo gift shop if you're in the area and have a sweet tooth... but really there was a lot of cool history at the Alamo that I didn't even know! See Ms. Ashton, I enjoy history even on break! hehehe
"caring for your succulents" 
We then went on a boat tour along the river at the river walk, it was great. We had a funny tour guide which made it more interesting, plus the river walk is beautiful, I can only imagine it in the spring time! 
I sat next to an adorable baby... she put her entire fist in my mouth and was still the cutest. She was a curious one for sure... I love babies. 
Joanna and I, while exploring, went to a "mirror maze" it was the coolest, hardest, scariest, funnest thing ever. And let me tell you... the second round with 3D classes was even better, way too trippy for words, loved it.
There were so many good stops for photo shoots... Joanna and I had many mini ones while walking around... I'll post those later in the next few days
y'all... if you are ever in San Antonio and looking for the best pizza you will ever eat in America, do to Rita's Pizza by the river.... Oh my. wow that was good. 
CARNIVAL! Like what in the world, just before the Chris Young concert (sorry I don't have any pics or videos my camera died) there was a carnival/fair thing set up in the same venue, yes of course we bought tons of tokens and played every game and went on every ride.
heck yes we went bungee jumping ! 
we won these little guys, the monkey is Larry and the purple whale is Tate. hehehe 
we also won a bear the size of my entire body but we had to mail it home...
just kidding we aren't that skilled at carny games..
such a beautiful day and such a fun night! xoxolivia


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