Hello :)
While blog hoping around reading my daily reads, I saw that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess is doing this 100 Happy Days photo challenge and I thought, well I love to be happy and I love photos, so it's just perfection!! 
So read along... so you can join as well!

If you are ready to take on this challenge (of extreme happiness..) click here to sign up and join, it's totally free of course and takes one second. I highly recommend it, also you don't have to have an Instagram to do it! You can do it though facebook, twitter, tumblr, maybe pinterest, and email! Or if you aren't into sharing your photos, maybe just make a deal with yourself to document one thing each day that makes you happy and save those happy moments for yourself to forever remember and enjoy! 

Feel free to follow me along my #100happydays on my Instagram! xoxOlivia
p.s. did you click on every time I wrote "happy?" you should............ It'll make you happily happy


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