Words With Sunday (kinda) Chapter 13

hello gorgeous people! 
So it's Sunday as you know... unfortunately my dad is in Guatemala (he's actually coming home tonight!!) so we didn't do our usual words with sunday brunch thing... but Emma and I did take some photos (mainly selfies hehehe... so typical) I was a BEAUTIFUL day today, it was a high of 63 but let me tell you it felt like 70! It was fabulous, especially since (i have no life) I got all my homework done on Friday night and Saturday morning I got to spend all of today playing! I love playing, oh yes I do. 
What am I wearing might you ask?
crop top (yeah it's a crop top) // F21
jumpsuit awesomeness // thrifted 
sunnies // F21
necklace // gifted
shoes // Marc Jacobs
Emma for some reason reallllyyy wanted to take this photo and thought it was the funniest thing ever....
she is the yoga master
and now for some selfies...... On my camera the screen flips out so it is just the perfect camera for me-- aka the selfie queen hahaha
clearly mirror shades...
and I also read a bunch in my copy of "It" signed by ALEXA CHUNG PERSONALLY book. It is amazing, she is amazing, she is a mega babe basically. 
What did y'all do over the weekend? I hope the weather is still nice... but I wouldn't mind another snow day ;) xoxolivia. 


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