Words With Sunday + Chapter 15

I honestly have no excuse as to why these Words With Sundays are not being posted until long after Sunday and I'm sorry! I guess i've been busy with school, friends, everythingggg (when am I not busy with school, friends and everythinggggg though??) 

Last Sunday Papa and I went to Strawberry Street Cafe, I am going to be totally honest and say it was pretty gross..... I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but if you are looking to go here I can truthfully say that there are so many better places you could go. For starters the food wasn't/isn't good, and the atmosphere is super dark, and really dirty, it's carpeted which made it even nastier.... ehhh hey we'd never know until we tried right!?

awesome knit/beaded dress // vintage!! Thrifted ;)
clutch // Express
tights // Target
booties // Old Navy
necklace // gifted from Sophie
bracelets // gifted from Emma
How's everyone's snowy snowy day? mines alright.... If you are reading this and you are in Australia, I want you to know that I am utterly jealous of you and I want to be where you are. xoxolivia


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