Valentine Baby Valentine Baby

It's Valentine's Day!!! OMG!
I would have preferred to take these photos outside but with all this snow the balloons would have deflated, and that would have been no good at all. So it's Valentine's day, I have no plans and I am alone, WEEEEE!!! Although I wouldn't mind a boy, wow I really sound desparate in these past few entries don't I... Yeesh! Sorry about that! So I think I have some plans with my friends, which will most likely consist of some teary love lust movies and stuffing our faces with chocolate, brownies, and cookies, oh and not to mention, loads of ice cream. 
These balloons were from my birthday, and I am surprised that they have still held out... loving it! I have been thinking about what I am in love with and I think I have narrowed it down to a few things...
I am in love with my family, all they have done for me and will do for me in the future
I am in love with all of my best friends, and the people I have grown really close with, near and far (you know who you all are)
I am in love with my life and all things that I have the opportunity to take part in. 
Who's going to be snacking on chocolate all day? I know I am! 
I hope you all have a lovie-dovey Valentine's day, whether you are with your "other half" or not, fall in love with something and just be happy <3 xoxolivia. 


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