My Mattes

Lately I have been really into "Matte" lip color. I recently got these three colors for my birthday/christmas and in between... But here is a little review (i guess) on my mattes! 

number one:
This first color is Revlon Colorburst number 220 "Showy" (I realize that on the website the picture of the actual balm doesn't show up... but click on the little lipsticks on the right side) I really like this, it's bright pink (brighter in real life) It's super cute and flirty haha 

number two:
Also Revlon Colorburst, this is number 215, "Shameless" I am a total sucker for deep lip color, I always have been. I grew up with my mom being a regular dark brown lipstick wearer, and me stealing her lipsticks and pretending I was as beautiful as she. So purple is like the dark color, but with a pop. I feel like it really brings out your facial features, defining them. Especially with a pale skin (I so pale)  

number three:
Ahh yes... a classic bold red. This is e.l.f. "Rich Red" I think that a rich red color honestly looks good on everyone, I really do! I think the key to wearing red lipstick is to just feel confident in it, it was made for the powerful beautiful woman, I mean duh, and that is what you are!! I'm so empowering haha. 
What are your signature go to lip colors? xoxolivia


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