Morning Routines

Early Morning Routines from Olivia on Vimeo.

Hello Hello friends!!
This week each morning when I woke up I filmed what I did during my daily routines. And yes, my daily routines do indeed consist of me taking up around ten minutes of my time to make faces at my self in the mirror. Confession, I do it all the time, honestly every single time I see a mirror I have to stop and make faces, even if they are super lame and ugly, I do it. And hey, aren't lame and ugly faces, the best and funniest faces to make!!??!? You best bet they are!! 
I think my inspiration for this video was Treasures and Travels "5 days w/o washing my hair" posts, showing how they wore their hair each day, that's what I intended on the video to be, but then it evolved!!! Ahh!! hehe, have a happy weekend folks xoxolivia. 


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