It's (not) Merrie-Woode Monday (but I'm still going to post this)

Hi. Let me tell you my friends, I am camp sick. SO camp sick!! A lot of my friends aren't going back this year and it's going to be my last camper summer, time has flown by and these have been the best eight years of my life, I don't know what I would do without the Sapphire mountains and rainy days spent in Chacos, green and greys, dressing up, being weirder than ever. And just flourishing in the environment of which I feel the most alive, loved, and at home. It's taken me forever to download these photos from my camera onto my computer just because I miss it so much and these photos bring me mixed emotions of extreme happiness and some sadness, but here are some of my favorites.....
this is Kitty, she is my camp little sister. She is actually one of my role models, even though she is younger than I am, she is always so optimistic and joyful, being around her makes me all the more happy. 
Last year I was in a cabin on the "upper hill" (big kids) called "Buckingham Palace" these nine girls were my sisters and best friends. I had never known any of them before and when I got smushed in a cramped cabin with them I'll admit, at first I was really nervous to not be with any of my friends from past years, but I fell in love with my cabin, and we were all perfect friends within days. 
you know Sophie.....
The ultimate trio! Meet, Courtney (on the right)
This year I tried something so insanely out of the blue and courageous at camp... I did the play. Typically at camp I am the mountaineering mountaineering mountaineering all around chic, but this year I didn't quite dip my toe into the pool of new things, I kinda fell in, creating a huge splash... that is a splash of amazingness! I am so glad I did too... being in 110 In The Shade that summer, was the greatest choice I may have ever made....
Yes, we went skinny dipping in the "Do Not Swim!" part of the waterfall in the middle of the night.
No, there aren't/will not be any photos of us actually skinny dipping...
This is Alexis/Lexi... She is also one of my best friends, I could talk to her about anything and let me tell you all of our conversations would result in us rolling on the floor laughing, she's hilarious. 
On the left is Waverley, another one of my best friends... She, Courtney and I were all in the play together. 
Here's the 110 In The Shade gang just before show time! Next to me on my right is Rachel, she played the lead of Lizzie, love her omg, so glad I got to get to know her. Just think if I hadn't done the play I wouldn't have ever met some of my best friends! Also, in the play I played File! Woohoo!
As of this moment, there are only 141 days, 3405 hours, 204319 minutes and 12259148 seconds until I leave for camp. Come on time HURRYYYY UPPP!! xoxolivia. 


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