Indoors Indoors iiiIIINNDOORSS!

So the title for this post is based off of a Sponge Bob episode... if you're unfamiliar with this little song the sponge himself sings, find out now and sing along! But anyway, so I took these photos of my totally rad outfit last Saturday night, I know, I know the quality isn't great, but thats's probably because it was 11:45 at night on self timer in my mom's dark office..... but I liked the outfit and thought I'd share my likings with you :)

sweater // was my moms
scarf // is my moms haha
leggings (let's pretend they are pants wink wink) // BlackMilk (super old)
shoes // Ferragamo's
bandana // Papa's closet :)

 Can't get enough of this purse!!! Such a vintage costuming score am I right?!

My new favorite weapon thanks to Ally... A self timer remote. Ahh it's golden and works so well. When you are as lazy as I am and don't like walking back and forth and back and forth when you don't have anyone to take your photos and you just have to fly solo. Such a fabulosity birthday gift :) xoxolivia.  


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