Can Someone Tell Me How To Grow My Hair 18 Inches In 6 Seconds?

I am pretty much known for changing my hair on the reg... It doesn't really curl the way it used to (let me tell you... it was cuuuurrrrlllyyyy) because it's been dealt with so much ugh. I miss my curls :( 
And not to mention how much I cut it... I was talking with my mom about how I am making a pact to not cut my hair (except for split end cuts etcetera etcetera..) until I am graduating my senior year. That is, if I actually want my hair cut then! So I made the realization, that honestly most girls I know have always had long hair, they grew up with it, and if they ever got a cut it was at the shortest, to their collarbone, so still not short. But my hair has never even been that long! And now I really want long hair, like now. But I am soooooo impatient and super impulsive when I want to cut my hair; so no thought, just scissors and bam, new do, ugh. So you get it... I want to grow my hair. So the next time I post a hair inspiration post and you see those girls with short hair, comment and say "NO NO NO NO REMEMBER YOUR PACT!" and then I'll remember and I wont cut it.... I don't even think it will get that long in a few years, but my hair grows pretty fast... we'll see.

So anyway, who's my number one hair inspo?! 
KRISTEN SEWART, my gosh her hair is perfection. 
just what even Kristen, shave your head already and mail me your hair!
is that creepy...?
yeah a little............
but until then......
what do you think? Should I grow out my hair? Comment! xoxolivia


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