Boyfriend? ...Human Of The Male Variety? ...Man With Beautiful Sculpted Body?? No No No, I'm Sorry I Think You Meant To Say Best Friend

Alright so now that the world knows I am proudly single on this Valentine's day (hmu boyz) I spent the day with the one and only Ally, my best friend of all best friends, I mean duh, she is my other half practically haha. 
 We got all matched up for Valentine's Day Singles awareness best friend day, and snapped some shots in the snow! Weirdly, it was warm out today, yes, that was not a typo... warm!! I am shocked that school was canceled (hey I'm not complaining...)
 If I could tell the snow one thing it would be to never melt off of the trees, snow is always prettiest on the trees, with the dark outlines from the branches... just looking at the dead trees is so sad.
 So I know for a fact that my mom is going to ask me to take this down, but I am not going to. Why? I'll tell you why.... there are very few photos of my mother and me together, mainly because she prefers to be behind the camera, but she is too beautiful and I love her so much to not feature her on a valentine's day post... I mean really.
aren't these so weird, love it ^^
 Ally and I are failures at the art of duo yoga/gymnastics positions and routines...
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day! Ally and I saw Endless Love, it was alright, yeah yeah yeah so I cried.... but honestly... it wasn't my favorite, the trailer is better than the movie, just a lot about love... and I love love. What did you all do? xoxolivia (and Ally...)


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