Thursday, February 27, 2014
This Is An Outfit Post But I Don't Really Talk About Clothing

This Is An Outfit Post But I Don't Really Talk About Clothing

So after a long (not so long) week of running on a total low, it is at last Thursday! What? Thursday!? Yeah that's right. Xterm starts tomorrow and that means AUSTIN AUSTIN AUSTIN!! I am SO excited! We don't actually leave until Sunday at four am! ugh! but tomorrow we don't have classes, instead, we are getting together and getting lunch and hearing some music. Then after Austin it's straight into Spring Break! At Lasttt!! 
shirt // hand-me-down
jacket // Forever 21
skirt // American Apparel 
scarf // Irresistibles
necklace (it's actually a belt!) // it's ma mama's 
socks // Target
boots // vintage  
So yeah if there is good wifi where I am staying in Austin I will try to post everyday :)) I hopefully will be able to... I can't wait, eep!!! xoxolivia. 

Monday, February 24, 2014
Getting Jazzy

Getting Jazzy

some shots from spending Saturday night with Ally and the self timer....

Sunday, February 23, 2014
Words With Sunday + Chapter 17

Words With Sunday + Chapter 17

Erg... so no brunch today, I slept over at Ally's house so I didn't make it home in time for brunch and still have time for homework (Um I'm sorry this modern world research paper?!) (It's okay, mine is pretty good *pats myself on the back*) So I just did an outfit shooting... OMG! And brunch wont happen next week because of Austin! Maybe we can do a Words With Saturday.... hehehehe
I am absolutely going crazy for this spring weather. I hope it isn't too good to be true! But if it is, I am savoring these bitter sweet moments and taking advantage of not only the perfect "pre-pollen" weather, but the outfits that come with it!! This is pretty much my warm weather uniform... sandals, a big floppy hat and overalls. always. 
overalls // thrifted, Gap
shirt (worn under my overalls) // american eagle (super old)
plaid button up shirt // thrifted
hat // not sure...
shoes // vintage (real snake skin oooooh!!)
earrings // gifted
I feel like I shouldn't even bother writing where my things are from because practically everything is forever 21 or thrifted or vintage... I mean let's be real here...
I leave for Austin in exactly ONE WEEK! well.... Sunday at 4 am. ugh.
But I am beyond excited for weather like this, yet warmer!! Oh the bliss :) We will have so much fun :) 
Okay question...? Do yall like photos or videos for trips more? I think I like a mix but I don't want to over use or do the same photos or footage, ya know what I mean? So input: should I make an Austin video + post daily photos?? Or just a video? Or just photos? please comment!! xoxolivia

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Just doin' some thinking you know, I need to figure out what I am doing this summer... erg. So stay or to return to camp? thoughts? xoxolivia
Friday, February 21, 2014
Little Cravings

Little Cravings

So where's Olivia been?
Yeah my thoughts exactly... it's been awhile since an actual post with my photos, and my face, and you know all that jazz. So sorry about that! I am been up late late at night nearly every night this week, and I am so exhausted. But it is the weekend (rejoice!!) and I can sleep in until three in the afternoon! Well not really.... I am weird and I set my alarm for 7:55 each day on the weekends haha... I like getting stuff done and I get most of my work done in the early mornings when I am the only one awake, sans distractions etcetera etcetera...

Ally and I hung out before we had to babysit tonight and we were craving summer sun, and hey, the only way to suit our cravings is to take photos and post about it, am I right? yes. 
Enjoy my somewhat odd, blurry, super sick, somewhat fuzzy, pictures, you'll love them. You better... haha. 
but actually. 
I wish my strap hadn't fallen in this photo... because I love it, maybe the strap makes it better? I dunno. 
okay, you can't say this isn't cool. 
When Ally was trying to figure out some settings, things get funky, for the better... always.
and as of always, a healthy dose of selfies. I love how my camera can flip screens to "selfie mode". Perfection.
What do ya'll have planned for the weekend? Anything super spectacular? I plan to sleep a lot, that sounds spectacular to me... what can I say?... xoxolivia. 

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014
I Got The Results Back... I've Got Spring Fever...

I Got The Results Back... I've Got Spring Fever...

spring fever oneeee

spring fevure

Dress / Tory Burch print dress / Red day dress, $25 / Roksanda Ilincic jersey dress / Pink sweetheart neckline dress / MSGM flare dress, $620 / Rebecca Vallance brocade cocktail dress, $150 / Babydoll dress

These are just some of my favorite spring thing... lots of colorful dresses and skirts, duh, I love girly frills and twirly things, especially in Spring. But the thing is, I normally hate spring, due to my miserable allergies, pollen, dogs shedding, ugh everything, new beginning - everything that my immune system hates! But the clothes and temperature are so spot on. I can't wait! I'm going to Austin in a few weeks and I will get to have a taste of warmer weather, yes! xoxolivia.