Words With Sunday + Chapter Eleven

This Sunday (and I apologize this is late, I had a LOT of work yesterday...) we went to Arcadia!
I am going to be straight up here and say it was dead empty, but probably the best brunch I've had in a LONG time!
And this week Emma and Saunders joined us too!
This is what Saunders called an "artistic zoom in"
These pancakes.
Oh my.
let me elaborate
these absolutely decadent pumpkin spice pancakes.
let's say if I were to die yesterday afternoon, that would be by far an amazing last meal. 

on Emma:
I'm sorry, I just honestly have no clue...
dress // hand-me-downs, pretty sure it was my mommmssss...?
shirt // TJMaxX oh look at me getting the Max for the Minimum, what upp!!!
socks // my dads :P
boots // Old Navy
sunglasses // Gifted, Charming Charlie's
this photo shows our relationship quite well
not really, I am the superior child clearly...

sorry for being kinda m.i.a. lately on the blog, school and such :(

Have a great week! xoxolivia


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