Words With Sunday + Chapter 12 (belated, but from NYC!)

Sunday, January 26, 2014
early city mornings sure do us justice, just look at those sleepy faces... awwwwww...
crepes, fancy hot chocolate, nothing gets better than this!!! (Well.... I'm actually not a huge crepe person, and the hot chocolate was kinda bitter) BUT STILL AWESOME! 
*sketchy man staring straight into the camera your soul*
sweater // Need Supply Co.
dress // Ally's - F21
pants // F21 (yes I am SO wearing a dress and pants, don't deny it, you know I can totally rock it)
scarf // Old Navy
socks // Old Navy
booties // Old Navy
it was an Old Navy, Forever 21 kind of day isn't it......
sup saunders
we explored!!! The best way to live life, just by exploring and finding all of it's little bursts of amazement :) xoxolivia.