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Well hello hello!
Ever wonder what I do for my daily makeup routine? I mean of course you sit up awake at night wondering about it I'm suuuree.... But here are the makeup products I use daily when I am actually functioning in the mornings and am not too lazy to go out with out it. 
I try to use concealer and powder when I can, I don't every day, but when I do this is what I use! ^^^
I am a firm believer in wearing lipstick however, I wear it everyday and reapply it about six times a day... I change it up a lot, but typically it's this "Hooked On Pink" by Maybelline. Love, love LOVE! I do also often go for a red matte lip too. 
For eyes I do a touch of gold (not pictured) shadow and then some black eyeliner on the upper lid and this fantastic Colossal Cat Eye mascara again, by Maybelline. I rarely every do anything on my lower lid, sometimes I'll do my lower lashes, but most of the time the mascara will either smudge or crumble off and I will look all sad :( so I typically refrain from that
And for cleaning up when I'm done, I just started using this Maybelline makeup remover, and it's great! I am now realizing that most of my things are from Maybelline... thanks local Rite Aid ;)
Hey, I can try to wink, can't I? ... it's cute admit it.
no I look kinda strange, YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT!


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