the birthday chronicles 7/16 - 16 things

Hello on this fine sunny snowy day!
I love sharing fun facts about me (as you probably already know...) so here are 16 facts that I have learned about my self in my (almost) 16 years!
1. I am a huge phase person, whether it be Coldplay, monkeys, One Direction, or Kanye West (yeah) I go in and out of phases and every time you'll hear me say "No I swear it's not a phase! I will be obsessed for life!!!!!" if you hear that... you know it's a phase...
2. I make the best cinnamon hot chocolate, no it's not with a mix, and yes, it's a secret ;)
3. I love writing, I have journals filled to the brim volume on volume of short stories and half way written "novels". Don't ask me about my screenplays though, I tried writing a few a couple times... they were humorous they were that much of a fail. 
4. I am a color freak, step into my room and you will be overwhelmed by all the color. I just laugh at the people who think it all clashes... many colors can be insanely opposing, but there is an art to it my friend, there is a method to the madness of clash vs. coordinate. And here I go tooting my own horn: I think I've mastered it.
5. I am such a scared-e-cat, I'm not the classic teen who when they're home alone throws a party and goes wild, picking up the pieces before mom and dad get back... I'm the weird teen who closes every single shutter in the house, turns all the lights on, all before it gets dark and before my parents leave... and when they do leave, I am bundled up in the back sitting room with the TV on my favorite non-scary show, necessary snacks just in case someone comes in and steals all my food, phone fully charged and on next to me so my parents can call before they get home so the door bell doesn't scare me... and so on... pretty sure that was an insane run on sentence. but you get the point. 
6. So I used to think that I LOVED the cold and winter and snow and the north, but honestly my feelings have changed, I want to move to Australia on the beach and just wear shorts and a tee shirt everyday basking in the sun haha!
7. I love reading, now most people don't know this about me because I am such a technology type of gal. But I LOVE reading. You guessed it... my favorite genre is romance. I mean DUH! I like romance comedy adventure, those types of books you just can't put down! Yet I also love romance British books, like Jane Eyre, oh my goodness swoon my love for Mr. Rochester will never end! But I hate reading with school, you can't read ahead, or read behind, there is no going at your own pace, and you always have to stop and take notes, where as I wish I could just sit and read the entire book in one sitting really soaking in the entire story! 
8. I am not a dog person. Find that surprising? Well I am allergic to them so that makes it kinda miserable... Unless it is a smooshy faced pug, then it's not my type. 
9. I don't like dressing down. One of my favorite things is taking the time to do my makeup, hair, and picking out the perfect outfit. 9 times out of 10 it will be something a tad bit fancier than the others in the room. I like standing out I guess. Having a good (dressy) outfit makes me feel more confident in my self to be honest. 
10. My theme song is Us by Regina Spektor, I don't really know why I just love it. It's one of those songs I can listen to 100x and never get tired of it. It just makes me really happy
11. I am big into change. I love making things new and improved, and I am constantly changing everything around, my room, my blog (like the new layout?) my wardrobe, my hair, my interests, my music, everything! I just like to spice things up and know when it's time for a change. Probably why I could never get a tattoo, even though they are cool.... I would get tired of it, and fast. 
12. I used to write songs when I was younger, by first hit on my debut album (it was really exclusive, you had to be really up there and in the know to get one...) was called Just Believe. My second hit, was called Motocross......... my interests varied.
13. I hate Chinese food, it makes me sick every time. 
14. Although I appear to be outgoing and not shy, boy am I shy. Typically I am the one who always speaks up in class and talks a lot but when I am around certain people I can get to be super shy! I don't really know why, and it's weird, but I am quiet a lot in cars, I don't like cars, especially being alone in cars with one other person, I find it uncomfortable and it's not my car so I just get all weird and quiet, hey I don't know, I'm weird. So take note, never take me on a drive.. or just drive around with me, guaranteed unless you are my absolute best friend or my family, I will dread every part of it but never say anything. #carshyness 
15. I hate regret. I hate it when I want to do something and people say "Oh you're going to regret that" or "In the future you are really going to wish you didn't do that then" Well if it's what I wanted at one time more than anything and really loved it then why would I regret something I loved or wanted? Like with my hair, yeah I cut it all off and then the next day I say "ohhh I reallllyyyy want long hairrr" well it will grow back and I also reallllyyyy wanted this haircut so don't regret it enjoy it while it lasts!
16. I love camp more than anything, but every year I have to convince my self I actually want to go back because there is always one thing holding me back... The swim test. On the first day of each session every camper and JC has to take the swim test. I have a HUGE fear of open water, lakes, oceans, rivers etc etc. I am terrified of fish and not knowing what is at the bottom of the murky water. I base my choice on going back to camp each year on the swim test. And I think about it through out the year too, August through June.... that's me thinking about the dreaded swim test and how scared I am. When in reality it lasts 30 seconds and I can swim well! It's silly I know, but sometimes my fears override the simplicity and silliness. 
cropped sweater // F21
skirt // hand-me-down
shoes // Ferragamo's 
necklace // gifted from Sophie 
sunglasses // Gucci 



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