The Birthday Chronicles 1/16

Guess Wat!
only 15 days until my 16th birthday!!!
so I am going to write 16 posts leading up to my sweety sixteenth!
(January, 28th)
So this is my wishlist! All of these things are absolutely necessary, so let me go though all of the items and tell you why I want them... it may take a while... 

Alrighty, starting with the Neuva York crop top from Forever 21, i dunno, I just kinda like it. I am an absolute obsessor of clothing with cats on it, so this shirt: perfect. Who isn't always in need of a perfect middy tutu skirt! I am in love. I have been wanting black fitted(ish) overalls for-like-evvverrr. I have two tartan skirts already, but they are blueish and greenish and long, eek. Stockholm clogs, perfection, I'm not sure if I like the red braided ones or these better... humm i don't know. Forever 21 has seriously stepped up their game on trends lately, especially with their shoes! I love these red strappy sandals. Who doesn't need another backpack, who does, ME! And who looovvvvesss this floral one from BM? ME!! I don't think one realizes just how much wear I would get out of this OMG necklace...  Both of these iphone cases are adorable, I have so many cases, but do not fear, I do change them like everyday haha. I need a scent, you know how some girls and boys have their "smell" and not like their house smell that the entire family shares, but like that perfume they wear everyday that smells heavenly, well yes; I would like Daisy to be mine. My camp friend has it and wears it all the time (at camp, I am not so sure why...) and she smells great hehehee! I love this makeup bag, the one I have now is all gross on the inside and really well "worn". This is one of my favorite colors and such a nice nail polish for stepping into spring soon (kinda)! We the cool kids on the block, we da cool kids on da blockkk... I love this shirt too much. I have a Brandy Melville addiction. I need some new Ferragamo's, and I LOVE these! This xoxo beanie though... supes kewl. I love new magazines, magazines are my life, I love reading the articles, cutting up images and words for my inspiration book, it's an open minded past time. 
but honestly, just bake me cookies and I will love you forever. 

counting down the days!!!


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