Birthday Chronicles 5/16 - On My Day

Hello Hello!
So kinda something funny... I have been super stressed with school work since spending the weekend in NY and getting nothing done, so I "self controled" all my favorite procrasting sites, for 24 hours. Those include, ABM, Instagram, Forever 21, Polyvore, my blog (I have it book marked, so for some reason I just click it all the time, it's actualy a huge time waister in the long run because I know when I am and am not posting... silly me) and of course... blogger. So now that I've gotten all my work done, I've gotten the news that we dont have school tomorrow! (*internaly does a victory dance*) but I have all these blog posts planned for snow days and here we are on a snow day with blogger blocked on my computer. Can you say facepalm? So long story short.... I am on my mom's computer. Unenthousiastic fist pump and yeeaaaaahhhhh!

I was over on So Shay reading about her 28th birthday that just passed, when I saw this nifty 'ol list of things she wanted to do (and did!) on her 28th birthday! So I thought, "hey!!! Shay wont mind.... I am totally stealing this idea." 

so without further ado... 16 things I want to do on my 16th birthday: 
(keep in mind my birthday is on a Tuesday (yuck) so these mayyyy happen the weekend before, or I could just ditch school! Hear that Mama?)

1. experiment around and take a taste test baking all of these cookies:
2. rock dark deep lip color all day long
3. make a pompom garland
4. thrift find a tartan dress
5. "day in photos"
6. eat my favorite type of cake – strawberry
7. go to the highest place in Richmond and sing at the top of my lungs over the city
8. take creepy (AWESOME) black and white photos in our abandoned garage
9. build a fort
10. watch the sunset over the bridge
11. play hopscotch
12. go for a bike ride
13. talk to my best friends near and far on the phone or skype
14. Watch The Notebook (still have yet to see it in it’s entirety) and Crazy, Stupid, Love and swoon over Ryan Gosling
15. paint my nails absolutely rainbow
16. write a poem

let's just see how good I will be at keeping up with these, and how much I can do!
All of these would make me the happiest girl in the birthday world if I accomplished them all, becuase they are all things I love! I mean who doesn't like cookies, Ryan Goslins, and poem writing! I mean let's be real now!


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