13 from '13

I wasn't sure how I was going to sum up 2013 on my blog...
so I just thought, I'd share 13 of my favorite outfits from 2013, and tell you why I love them!
the doc's, oh the doc's
 vintage vintage VINTAGE
 who doesn't love OVERALLS! 
I mean please...
 pink monkey fur... score one for the hometeam amiright?
 I just love the dark colors and the texture mix of this outfit, not to mention the $6.99 steal of this $50 dress!
thanks Goodwill ;)
 Just a Words With Sunday favorite
 I'm sucha a sucker for knits... and this kitty hat is to DIE for!! 
Once again... the overalls!! 
I am also a total sucker for turtlenecks... hehehehehe
I just love black and pink together, 
my two favorite colors! 
it's not weird black can be a favorite color...
This dress.
I just love this dress so much, good things always happen in this dress. And SPOTS!
my favorite (and only) high waisted red velvet pants and my favorite sweater, cat ears and Ferragamos 
can this outfit get ANY better?!
Oh the layers on this one..
outfit swoon. 
and lastley...
a peplum, nude ruffles, beadwork and a floppy hat
mmkay yeah I like this i guess..... 

what are some of your favorite moments of 2013? (feel free to post them in the comments.... but really...)
happy 2014! Time to have the best year ever!!!


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